What you should look for in a multifunction printer

Considering how small our HK apartments are, it is always better to buy a compact multifunction printer than to cramp up several devices in our rooms. That explains why a multifunction printer appeals to many HK people. If you were to buy one, what would you look for in a multifunction printer then? In my opinion, I believe it is important to find one that doesn’t give annoying vibrations and sound during operation. Next, I like to support HK brands that take into consideration environmental impact when designing a multifunction printer. A printer made of recycled plastics is always better. Third, I would love to get one that features a fine toner so that my printed work will be of the best resolution, showing clear text lines and bright colors. Last but not least, a sophisticated information security mechanism is indispensable in a printer. Imagine having no backups and exposing yourself to security threats like information loss and unauthorized access – that doesn’t sound fun, right?

If something goes wrong with the printer, you need a good remote IT support service, where engineers access and control your device remotely and let you know what to do to avoid the same thing from happening again. Sure, an on-site IT support service helps too, just that it may be a little troublesome and time-consuming. As the adage goes, ‘Prevention is better than cure’, doing monthly appointments for inspection is always better than calling for IT support services only when a problem arises.