Security Solutions for the Retail and Transportation Industry

Different industries need different security solutions. Taking the transportation industry as an example, one of the most commonly used security solutions is an integrated video surveillance system. In simple terms, they perform security verification before allowing vehicles to enter and alert staff when the container/truck ID does not match the database. As for the retail industry, one of the most popular security solutions is a panoramic camera to ensure the safety of the public and their belongings. Make sure to find a high-quality panoramic camera so that one can identify suspects if needed. When it comes to the security solutions used in hospitals, they are usually surveillance systems or remote medical systems. Alarm systems and access control are examples of surveillance systems, while remote medical systems include remote access to ICU wards. If you are interested, check out security solutions from Guardsec!

This year, with the COVID-19 pandemic, thermal body temperature detection systems seem to be more important than security solutions. There are many different types of systems out there that detect body temperature. In addition to handheld devices, there are now more systems in the market that can detect body temperature without human interaction, which is perfect for social distancing.