Mental Health Service Educates Young People on Drug Abuse

The necessity for a valuable Mental Health Service in schools is enormous. It is extremely important to prioritize the mental health of young people. Without proper guidance, they could be at risk of becoming Drug Dependent or dealing with other serious issues with a potentially dangerous outcome. By introducing engaging programs that focus on this topic, educational institutions bring awareness and teach young people how to manage challenging situations.

KELY Support Group is a nonprofit organization that offers effective programs that educate and support young people. The Mental Health Service started helping in 1991. Since then, KELY significantly improved the programs. The group consists of qualified professionals that find joy in assisting the youth in Hong Kong. The vision and mission of KELY gathered people with advanced skills, knowledge, and experience in educating young people and preventing them from becoming Drug Dependent or having their mental health damaged in any way.

Members of the KELY Support Group believe that students have a hard time understanding their own emotions. Growing up tends to become challenging as young people experience new situations and feelings they never had before. If the person is not mentally strong or mature enough to deal with those emotions, there is a risk of making unhealthy decisions, including becoming Drug Dependent. KELY’s Mental Health Service helps these fragile groups deal with emotions and stress. If the experts estimate that certain participants of the program need professional, in-depth, individual help… they will direct those members to referral organizations for one-on-one counselling.