Math Tutor Prepares Students for the Programme Online

Students that are aiming to obtain the IB Diploma Programme after completing the course by the International Baccalaureate (IB) that lasts for two years, will find the Mathematics Higher Level (HL) course in Group 5 (Mathematics and Computer Science). There is also the Standard Level (SL) that students must complete to apply for the Mathematics HL. The difficulty of the exam is considered high so students are encouraged to hire an IB Math Tutor to secure good results.

Vic Li is a math tutor from Hong Kong that works with different groups of clients. He tutors students of all ages for a variety of exams, including IB Mathematics. Currently, Vic is stationed in Hong Kong but he works with clients worldwide. During COVID-19 quarantine, Vic specialized in his online tutoring techniques. Thus, he has valuable materials that he shares with clients and his teaching methodology maximizes the tutoring effect.

Before creating the study plan, thisIB Math Tutor will invite the client for the first consultation. It will serve to get familiar with the knowledge of the student, as well as the goals and requirements. Also, Vic will have a small test for the client to be sure about the level of knowledge, weak, and strong sides of the student’s mathematics.

Using all the collected information, the IB Math Tutor will create a study plan. It will include numbers and algebra, geometry and trigonometry, functions, calculus, and probability, and statistics. All those areas are important for the IB programme and Vic will help his client learn them understandably, which will be useful for the studies as well as the future career as a whole.