Virtual Career Fair Platform for Demanding Online Events

NOW has everything a compact virtual career fair platform should have – advanced onsite event technical services, a dedicated project manager feature, set up and testing options, knowledge space, registration center, webinar platforms and much more! This software can serve different purposes and it is widely used by diverse client groups; from educational institutions and tutors to recruitment companies – users have found a perfect use for this platform!

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University is one of the prestigious educational institutions that recognized the potential of this virtual career fair platform. The Department of Rehabilitation Sciences used UC. NOW Digital Expo to host a 2-day hybrid event. It included 3 concurrent streams and 136 distinct presentations. The onsite event technical services functioned impeccably and UC. NOW is extremely proud of the final result. The organizers of the event were impressed with the advanced tools of this software. UC. NOW provided event-tech planning, project management, individual speaker rehearsal, on-site live broadcast, and many more services that took online engagement to the next level!

Educational institutions, recruitment companies, and all clients that need effective software for online events can finally take advantage of the end-to-end services of a powerful virtual career fair platform. UC. NOW is constantly developing its onsite event technical services. Even when users think that there is nothing else that this software should add or improve, the developers of the platform add a new feature that improves their user experience even more. UC. NOW representatives invite all interested community leaders to test the extraordinary features of this software and upgrade their virtual communication methodologies immediately.