Personalize recruiting and training like never before

With a virtual career fair platform, organizations and companies can easily enjoy online access to a much wider audience around the globe. Not to mention, engagement with attendees on a virtual career fair platform will be significantly more quickly when compared to in-person ones. Talk about efficiency.

Still, not all platforms are created equal. You have to choose a virtual career fair platform for your business carefully. Make sure it has the right interactive video tools available to keep your attendees engaged. You also have to consider the size of the audience, timescales, resources, etc. before picking one since some platforms may be amazing but only support a handful of attendees.

After you have hired some new employees, it is time for a series of training sessions. Many HK businesses nowadays perform it using an online staff training platform. Due to the hugely competitive market, one needs to offer at least the following functions to be deemed as a decent online staff training platform in HK. First, it has to put repetitive boring tasks on autopilot. Things such as assigning courses, delivering reminders, and sending notifications should be performed automatically once you have completed the automation settings. Second, it has to enable a wide range of tools conducive to boosting staff engagement. Third, easy management. A decent online staff training platform for HK businesses usually allows managers to never be more than two clicks away from accessing relevant information. From dashboards to reports, everything is user-friendly and allows easy and quick management.