Learn More About LPF HK and Other Investing Opportunities

The investment opportunities in Hong Kong are constantly expanding. Not only the government introduced an LPF HK (Limited Partnership Funds Hong Kong) program but the offshore possibilities are also becoming more convenient.

LPF HK was introduced on 31. August 2020. This framework of private fund management allows the registration of private funds as limited partnerships. The regime protects the benefits of investors and provides better management. One of the goals of the program is to encourage corporation capital injection. Before applying for the LPF HK, interested investors should consult professional financial advisors.

CityLinkers is a consultancy company that guides investors through domestic and foreign projects. In the case of LPF HK, the CityLinkers team helps clients fill the application, submit the application, and lead the investors throughout the entire investment procedure.

Cayman Fund Investment Consultation is another service that CityLinkers offer. In this case, it is an offshore program for clients that want to invest in the Cayman Islands.

The Cayman Islands is one of the most popular destinations for offshore company registration. During the Cayman Fund Investment Consultation, the CityLinkers group will introduce the program to the client and create an investment plan.

Tax benefits are the main reason why the Cayman Islands are so attractive for businessmen. The tax regimes are extremely simple and there is a notable absence of taxes on income, capital gains, and profits. To gain access to all these advantages, investors can book a Cayman Fund Investment Consultation.

The CityLinkers staff will explain the whole program to potential investors. Moreover, they will create a business plan and assist their clients in setting up and expanding business in the Cayman Islands or other destinations.